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The People's Republic

Bokeh Goes to China

Story by Bokeh Inc. July 28th, 2014

Another Adventure (冒险)

Another project, another adventure. This time we are off to China. This week brought us exploration of a new city and the exhaustion that comes with work.

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Camera Prep (摄像机)

Every shoot requires inventory and preparation, and this project is no different.

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Suzhou (苏州)

Our adventure begins in a city about an hour and a half outside Shanghai called Suzhou.

Upon arrival we were met by poor weather and rain. This may end up being a much longer trip than originally anticipated. It’s a good thing Ben speaks Chinese… sorta :-/

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Good Eats (食物)

Despite the weather, we found our way to some good eats. Chinese cuisine is much different than we are accustomed, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing , Ben taught us a few tricks of the trade, Sebastian was reluctant. Nevertheless, the food here was amazing!

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Factory fun (工厂)

No more exploring. Time to scrub up.

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let's get to work! (工作)

Sanitation and safety are priority number one in this factory. Don’t mind Josh on the forklift, he’s got a safety vest!

Our mission was to highlight the production workflow from A to Z. Leave it to Doug to make something like a small factory in China look gorgeous. (Ni Hao, piao liang)

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Melting in the Heat (暑)

If we thought it was hot in the factory, just taking a step outside to pick up some shots was unbearable. It is high heats added to what feels like 230% humidity. Let’s just say there weren’t enough showers in the world to keep us smelling fresh out here.

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Shanghai (上海市)

Finally some time to explore Shanghai. We had been waiting all week to go to this beautiful city to dip and dive through alleys and stores. It’s truly a different experience, but the city and people are so photogenic. It was a field day for our cameras.

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People (人)

The culture and people that make up this amazing city have their own way of doing things. It’s an experience unlike one we have encountered and it made us really broaden our horizons.

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Meow (猫)

But hey, they still have some adorable kittens!

There were a multitude of cats and kittens that roamed the alleys, going in and out of houses and restaurants. These cats were not afraid or threatened by people, so they let us get up close and personal with our cameras.

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The Bund (外滩)

And here is the Bund. The one and only shot that we knew we HAD to get. It is a beautiful skyline that we had found some amazing pictures of online and so we planned our hotel location around this place. But let me tell you, we weren’t the only ones that knew about it. This was by far the most populated area, from locals to tourists, everyone was on the walkway that overlooked this incredible view. We must have spent half our day here taking photos, shooting video, capturing day to night time lapses, and anything else we could to showcase this beauty.

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Good night (晚安)

We may have only been here for a week (most of which was in a factory), but we created a lot of memories and really enjoyed our stay in China. Here’s to hoping we can return to this beautiful country and make some more. Good night, China. Until next time.

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